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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why DistrictData?

Information on the residential development market is so segmented and complex. We don’t want you to have to waste time and money trying to find and sift through crucial data to make an informed development or investment decision. No more excel spreadsheets, PDF’s, phone calls and numerous web browser tabs. No more exorbitant consulting fees.

Who uses DistrictData?

DistrictData is suitable for the entire residential development industry. We have developers, agents, architects, town planners, financiers, investors and university students all using it!

I have a suggestion to improve DistrictData. Are you interested?

Of course we are! We would love to hear how you think we can make our offering as best as possible for you, our valued customer! We are on the never-ending pursuit of perfection and we know there is always room for improvement. Click here to share your awesome idea!

When is DistrictData expanding beyond Victoria?

We hope to go Australia-wide soon! Stay tuned.

How do I subscribe to DistrictData?

You can subscribe to DistrictData here.

How can I upgrade my subscription?

You can manage your subscription in the My Subscription page under My Account.

What if I want to cancel mid subscription?

We’d hate to see you leave us! If you are on an annual subscription, please contact us here and we will arrange for your subscription to be cancelled. Please note that you will be refunded 50% of the outstanding prepaid amount. No cancellations are available for monthly subscriptions.

How do I renew my subscription?

Your subscription will auto-renew. You will receive an email 7 days before the end of your subscription reminding you that your subscription will renew and offer you the chance to cancel or change your subscription.

How do I reset my password?

Reset your password here.

I have spotted an issue or error. How can I report this?

We do our best to cross-check everything but sometimes mistakes happen! Let us know here and we will rectify it as soon as possible.

How can I trust that my searches are kept private?

It is our guarantee that we will never give out your specific searches to other parties. We are completely independent and have no affiliation with any company within the industry.

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